February 28, 2016

Jungle fun – 2nd Maya Classic Rally 2016

Jungle fun - 2nd Maya Classic Rally 2016

Bespoke Handling were pleased to ship some rather special participants of the 2nd Maya Classic Rally this month to their exotic destination in Central America.

By now their owners will be enjoying the steamy rain forest beauty of Belize, visiting ancient Mayan ruins by day and eating exotic cuisine by night but their select band of vehicles, which have come from locations all over the world, will be turning local heads too.

Stars of the drive-by are sure to be the two 1936 41/4 Litre Bentleys, closely followed by the quirky space shape of the 1969 Citroen Ami 6 Grand Luxe, sure to raise a smile, and the traditional British styling of the 1958 Austin Healey. More familiar to onlookers might be the classic American 1958 Chevrolet Pick Up and the 1973 Ford Mustang, not to mention the ubiquitous Mercedes Benz in the shape of a 1968 280SL.

However eclectic the mix of the cars, all are very much beloved by the owners and Bespoke Handling will be making sure they return safely home to their respective destinations after this year’s jungle adventure is over – ready for next time!

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