March 10, 2021

Bespoke Handling expands its dedicated fleet with the addition of a tailormade single-car transporter

Bespoke Handling expands its dedicated fleet with the addition of a tailormade single-car transporter

Bespoke Handling continues to strengthen its fleet of automotive transporters with the confirmation of a tailormade single-vehicle enclosed transporter as the latest addition. Designed in conjunction with the team at Racetruck, part of the Advanced KFS Special Vehicles Group of companies, the new model will join the specialist fleet in the coming weeks and provide a safe and secure transport solution for the latest hypercars and track-only models. 

As a leading provider of automotive and motorsport logistics, Bespoke Handling works closely with a number of vehicle manufacturers and race teams to manage the transportation of vehicles and equipment to locations across the globe. Each element of this latest vehicle order has been carefully thought through, and the newest model on the Bespoke Handling fleet has been commissioned specifically with the capability to transport the most extreme types of both road and track vehicles with low ground clearance and wide bodywork. 

The specially produced rear bodywork of the new conversion will be completed by Advanced KFS Special Vehicles, which boasts more than 30 years’ experience in the field of manufacturing aftermarket vehicles for a variety of industries and services. The bespoke design features dedicated storage and hybrid battery-charging facilities, as well as integrated raised-level driver accommodation within the vehicle offering enhanced security during events and activities. This is mounted on an Iveco Daily base chassis with the longest, 5,100mm wheelbase ensuring optimum space for even the longest vehicles. The addition of pneumatic rear suspension also provides a smoother, more protective ride for the vehicle being transported and allows for the ingress and egress loading angles to be minimised. 

“This new single-vehicle enclosed transporter is a key addition to the Bespoke Handling fleet as we look to continue building what we offer and improving our quality of the service,” explains Gary Ayles, Bespoke Handling Chief Executive Officer. “We have worked closely with the highly-experienced team at Advanced KFS Special Vehicles to ensure that the design and layout of the new vehicle meets the exacting requirements we have set out to ensure we can confidently and efficiently move the eclectic mix of road and race cars our customers trust us with on a daily basis. The dimensions and capabilities of what is possible have been pushed to the limits for this project, and an important element was to incorporate driver accommodation within the vehicle which not only increases security but also offers a cost-saving when the vehicle is used to support events. We are confident that this latest addition will further strengthen our fleet and provide a safe and reliable option to move various vehicles which may have proved more challenging in the past.”

Bespoke Handling expands its dedicated fleet with the addition of a tailormade single-car transporter

The newest addition to the fleet is due to arrive at the end of April. Follow the progress of the new transporter in build at @bespokehandling on Instagram. 

For further details about Bespoke Handling visit, or contact the team at or call +44 (0) 1444 831869 to discuss any vehicle logistics or storage requirements.

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