January 5, 2021

Bespoke Handling provides comprehensive support for race teams travelling into and out of Europe

Bespoke Handling provides comprehensive support for race teams travelling into and out of Europe

From 1 January 2021, it is now a legal requirement for all vehicles, spares and equipment being transported temporarily anywhere into the EU and worldwide from the UK to have an ATA Carnet in place. This includes temporary transportation to events, rallies and races – and specialist vehicle and motorsport logistics firm Bespoke Handling can assist and support with each step of the process.

An ATA Carnet is an international customs document which permits the temporary export and import of goods into a country for up to a one-year period. The documentation provides details of the items being transported and is used to clear customs without paying duties or taxes, acting as a record of the items at point of exit and return to the country of origin.  

Through a well-established relationship with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Bespoke Handling has the necessary processes in place to provide a quick and efficient solution to producing all the required paperwork for passage into the EU. Bespoke Handling is one of only a selected few logistics companies in the UK with the facilities in place to print and issue ATA Carnets in-house, allowing the documents to be created and available within an hour. 

Bespoke Handling Operations Director Fabian Daffern explained: The changes which have come into effect at the start of the year require all temporary shipments into Europe from the UK, to have an ATA Carnet in place for the value of the goods. The ATA Carnet documentation has long been an important part of international shipping and is a process we have built up a detailed knowledge of over the past few years. We took the steps to establish the necessary facilities and systems with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce back in 2016 to offer an in-house set up and printing service as part of our commitment to offering a comprehensive service for our customers. 

We remain committed to offering the same level of service managing each element along the way with regards to paperwork, customs and administrative tasks as we do with physical cars or freight being transported. With our team able to set up and print the necessary paperwork in-house in less than an hour, Bespoke Handling remains wholly responsible for this important process, mitigating against unnecessary or unfortunate delays.”

The Bespoke Handling team is available to support all ATA Carnet requests and will work to ensure all documentation is in place and correct. A standard fee applies for the issuing of a European ATA Carnet, while the premium is then based on the value of the goods being transported. 

Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and for a checklist of the items you require for the process of moving cars and equipment into and out of the UK.

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