Row the Amazon 2015 – The Bishop is on its way!

5 MEN – 1 BOAT – 2077 MILES – 30 DAYS

On Friday 3rd July the ocean going rowing boat known as ‘The Bishop’ started its journey to Iquitos, Peru where, upon arrival, it and the 5 man crew will take on the challenge of rowing the navigable length of the Amazon River, from Nauta in Peru to Macapá in Brazil – a total distance of 2077 miles – this is a totally unsupported and completely self-funded expedition – 5 men from Shropshire are the power in the boat, ordinary guys, not athletes who are taking on this extraordinary challenge to raise money for various charities & to test & push themselves to the limit!

Bespoke Handling Ltd have been chosen by the crew to get the Bishop to Iquitos and then back from Macapa because of their ability to get difficult things to difficult places, this is not a run of the mill shipment! We 1st meet the crew to discuss the logistics of the expedition some 12 months ago – a lot of planning & preparation has gone into this project from a logistics point of view and now the shipment is underway the excitement is mounting!

We will bring you fresh updates of The Bishop’s journey to Iquitos on future posts – watch this space!

Black and white wide shot  Wide shot of boat  Angle on truck

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