February 24, 2015

The Adventure before Dementia Rally to India

The Adventure before Dementia Rally to India

We shipped six 4x4s from London to Mumbai in India plus one from Christchurch, New Zealand for this event. This was a daunting 30 day 6750 km drive across the north west of India.

This rally was a chance to see a part of this vast country from teeming cities, to beaches, deserts, mountains and forests, taking in palaces and tourist locations such as the Taj Mahal, with stunning views around every corner. Even though it was not a race, it was demanding for both the car and the driver.

Once again our team was on hand locally to make sure that the cars were well looked after and seen through the bureaucratic Indian customs clearance process. With our customers’ peace of mind foremost in our mind during the shipping process, we made sure all our clients were able to track their vehicles as they made their way to Mumbai and, of course, back home again safely.

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