Air freight

Sometimes time is of the essence, and air freight is the quickest and most direct option.

Air freight car loading

Taking to the skies

It can often be the only option for racing cars between events, urgent parts shipments which are time-sensitive, but also for high-value items such as film and camera equipment. Bespoke Handling has the contacts, knowledge and experience at every stage to ensure the safe transport of your items, and will coordinate the full schedule from door to door. Sometimes time is of the essence, and air freight is the quickest and most direct option.

loading cargo onto plane
plane in the morning

Working with Kuehne+Nagel, we are also now able to offer a more sustainable air freight option on selected routes using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Get in touch to find out more.

Does air freight work for you?

Air freight is often the only answer, when delivery is urgent, between events or to a looming deadline. It is at times like this when a smooth process is absolutely critical, and we pride ourselves on managing every stage to deliver results on time.

What information is required for an air freight quote?

With the fluctuations in air freight costs, each quote is raised bespoke to the requirements at the time of the query. As a basic requirement we will require any time constraints, the collection and delivery address, contact details at each location, and confirmation if the vehicle is a permanent or temporary export.

Are there any restrictions on transporting hybrid vehicles by air?

Hybrid vehicles can be transported in the same way as a traditional petrol / diesel vehicle, as long as the battery is standard and factory-fitted to the vehicle.

Are any specific preparations required before sending a vehicle by air?

The vehicle will need to have minimal fuel in the tank prior to loading. Any shipments to Australia will also require a certificate to confirm that the vehicle is free from asbestos.

Is insurance cover included in the quote?

We trade under BIFA standard trading terms which offers limited liability cover. We would recommend you take out an all risks policy for any shipment and we can offer this at a preferential rate.

Do you require an ATA Carnet or other documentation?

It is now a legal requirement for all vehicles, spares and equipment being transported temporarily anywhere into the EU and worldwide from the UK to have an ATA Carnet in place. This includes temporary transportation to events, rallies and races – and we can assist and support with each step of the process.

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