Bespoke Detailing

Bespoke Detailing offers a comprehensive service of maintenance, protection and preservation to vehicles, ensuring the perfect condition as they enter or leave storage, or simply for owners looking to present their vehicle in the best way possible.

Basic storage

Protecting your vehicle

The dedicated clean space has been installed to provide another important service, ensuring that cars coming into storage, and heading back to customers, are prepared in the best way possible.

What is the benefit of

pre-storage detailing?

The process of washing and treating the paintwork of your vehicle ensures road dirt, grit and other contaminants are removed. This mitigates any risk of scratches or damage being caused when covers are fitted or removed, and ensures the vehicle is in the best possible condition prior to being placed into storage..

Basic storage

Absolute attention to detail

In-house expertise

With our in-house detailing service, vehicles can be prepared and protected on-site, prior to being placed into storage. Preparations can also be made for vehicles leaving storage, or prior to delivery, with bespoke and extensive detailing programmes available.

Basic storage
Stacked storage

Track protection packages

Pre- and post-track driving detailing services are part of the comprehensive protection offered by Bespoke Detailing. This can include protection against, and help to remove, tar and other signs of trackday use. With the ability to raise the vehicle, and remove wheels, a thorough clean of the underbody and inside wheelarches is possible, as well as preparation and protection of the wheels and tyres.

Working with the best

In association with Gtechniq

The Bespoke Detailing facility offers the full range of Gtechniq ceramic coatings, paintwork enhancement and correction.

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Service packages

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Single stage

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed, and then followed by a single stage machine polish using an ultra fine gloss enhancing polish. 


Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A two stage machine polish using a combination of medium and ultra fine polishes.

Full correction

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A four stage machine polish using a combination of compound, medium and ultra fine polishes.

Maintain and protect your vehicle while it is with us

Professional valeting icon

Professional valeting service

Protect and store your vehicle in the best condition possible with on-site professional valeting services. We can prepare your vehicle for storage, or ensure it is fully cleaned and in the best condition ahead of delivery.

Dehumidified storage bubble icon

Dehumidified storage bubbles

Premium air chambers offer the ultimate storage solution for a cherished classic or sports car. The sealed bubble prevents condensation and helps dry any areas of moisture, while the vehicle bodywork is fully protected with no risk of surface scratches or damage from vehicle coverings.

Sure Touch Immobiliser icon

Sure Touch Immobiliser™

The Sure Touch Immobiliser™ is designed to protect your vehicle from theft. The discrete system integrates directly into your car’s existing wiring loom and security system – whatever the age of the vehicle – offering the ultimate in safety without defacing or damaging your vehicle.

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