Road transport

We operate a dedicated fleet of single and multi-car specialist vehicle transporters, operating across the UK and mainland Europe.

On the road

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to move one classic car into storage, a fleet of supercars across Europe or a whole race team with kit and spares for a season, our fully-enclosed vehicle transporters and race trailers are available to support. We have years of experience delivering a variety of models, along with spares and equipment, to locations around the world, giving you peace of mind and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your car will arrive on time, in perfect condition.

vehicle line up

Single-car transporter

Single car transporter

The newest addition to the fleet is a fully-enclosed single car transporter featuring pneumatic rear suspension and has been commissioned specifically with the capability to transport the most extreme types of both road and track vehicles with low ground clearance and wide bodywork.

Key features

  • Internal width: 2.35m
  • Pneumatic rear suspension
  • Tapered floor to give minimum approach angle
  • Integrated driver accommodation for added security
  • Fitted with a winch for non-running vehicles

Single-car enclosed trailer

Single car enclosed trailer

We operate a number of single-car enclosed trailers from Brian James Trailers, towed by a pick-up or panel vans allowing for additional storage of kit and spares. 

Key features

  • Internal width: 2.29m
  • Internal length: 5.88m
  • Extra-wide dimensions for larger vehicles
  • Perfect for race or supercars with low ground clearance
  • Fitted with a winch for non-running vehicles

2-car transporter

2 car transporter

The 2-car transporter is the perfect choice for multiple-car movements. Built on a DAF XF chassis, the transporter provides secure and fully enclosed transport, and can comfortably accommodate larger vehicles including Rolls Royce and Bentley, and the larger SUVs.

Key features

  • Stacked storage for 2 cars, or single car plus running kit or equipment
  • Fitted with a winch for non-running vehicles
  • Fully opening side doors to aid vehicle loading
  • Low-level loading ramps

4-car transporter

4 car transporter

The fully enclosed 4-car transporter uses a DAF XF chassis, and provides safe and secure transport for up to four larger vehicles or can comfortably accommodate multiple vehicles and equipment.

Key features

  • Stacked storage for up to 4 cars
  • Fitted with a winch for non-running vehicles
  • Fully opening side doors to aid vehicle loading
  • Low-level loading ramps

6-car transporter

6 car transporter

The Rolfo Auriga Deluxe is our flagship transporter and is highly versatile, allowing for all requirements to be met. The low level ramp can accommodate the lowest of race cars, while the adjustable internal ramp system can be positioned to safely load and transport up to 6 cars securely.

Key features

  • Capacity for up to 6 cars
  • High security with air locking system
  • Raising roof section and fully opening side doors to aid vehicle loading
  • Low-level loading ramps with tail lift

Race trailer

Race Trailer

Race trailers are perfectly designed for track events with capacity to carry up to 3 cars and supporting kit, along with dedicated office space. Tyres and equipment can be stored on the lower level, below the vehicles.

Key features

  • Raised level storage for 3 cars
  • Separate office
  • Tail lift
  • Unbranded

How can road transport support your requirements?

Door to door service is offered across the UK, throughout Europe and to and from our storage facility using our fleet of dedicated single and multi-car transporters. Let us know if you have any queries and see how we can help with any transport needs.

What information is required for a quote?

We only require basic information in order to provide a quote, including the collection and delivery address and any time constraints. If the vehicle is going overseas from the UK, coming in from mainland Europe or crossing an international border, we will also need confirmation if it is a temporary or permanent export / import.

What documentation is required?

If going abroad, what is its customs status – does it need a carnet / does it need to be imported or exported.

What if the vehicle is particularly wide or low?

Our fleet of vehicles is designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles which are outside the normal measurements, including racing cars, models and vintage cars.

Is insurance cover included in the quote?

We have extensive insurance cover in place across our fleet to offer you additional peace of mind while we are entrusted with your vehicle.

Do you require an ATA Carnet or other documentation?

It is now a legal requirement for all vehicles, spares and equipment being transported temporarily anywhere into the EU and worldwide from the UK to have an ATA Carnet in place. This includes temporary transportation to events, rallies and races – and we can assist and support with each step of the process.

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