July 1, 2019

6 car Rolfo Enclosed Transportation Expansion!

6 car Rolfo Enclosed Transportation Expansion!

Bespoke Handling Ltd have added to their ever expanding enclosed transportation fleet with a brand new 6 car Rolfo and a new DAF tractor unit, collected from Rolfo, Italy and put straight out to work for a supercar tour. 

6 car Rolfo Enclosed Transportation Expansion!
6 Car Enclosed Transporter Rolfo Truck – Bespoke Handling Ltd

Perfect for low-level cars

The Rolfo Auriga Deluxe enclosed car transporter can take up to 6 standard-sized cars and is the perfect covered transport option for oversea tours, car events and rallies. 

Bespoke Handling Ltd have a wealth of experience in handling a full load of cars, and with the added benefit of the low ramps it works very well when loading and unloading low-level race cars and supercars. Covered by clear water security – air locking system on all doors – one push of the button and every door is locked! 

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